Healthier eating? Start with more veggies!

23 01 2015

Nowadays you read everywhere about healthy eating. No sugar, more vegetables, less meat...but where to start? Changing everything in one time seems a bit much. The best you can do to eat healthier is starting to eat more vegetables.

Eating more vegetables is the most important chance that we need to make in our food habits. Just 20% of the 2- to 3 years old eats the recommended 50-100g vegetables a day. Of the children between 7 and 18 years, only 1% eats the recommended daily intake. You would think adults know better but unfortunately only 3-14% of all men and women up to 69 years, are eating enough vegetables. Eating more vegetables has several health benefits.

When you eat more vegetables, this will result in eating less other foods. That change will improve the nutrient profile of your food intake. Cause there are no other foods with almost zero calories, plenty of fibers, vitamins and minerals per 100g! Less calories, more fibers and vitamines will follow automatically when adding more vegetables to your menu. Also this makes you more health-conscious, and as a result you will probably leave more unhealthy products for what they are...