Up to 25% discount on food supplements with Nutri-Help!

30 04 2017

Nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and omega-3 are an important addition to your diet nowadays. Even when you do all you can to eat healthy, the nutritional value of the foods we consume has dramatically decreased over the years as a result of the exhaustion of agricultural land and the use of fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives.

The nutritional supplements of Vitals provide vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients such as essential fatty acids (from fatty fish) at relevant doses and in a form that is well absorped into the body. Nutri-Help can provide you an attractive discount on all the nutritional supplements and foods that are sold in the Vitals webshop because of our partnership.

Your benefits:

  1. 15% discount! on your order at www.allesvanvitals.nl with the code: nutrition
  2. 5% extra discount when ordering two products
  3. 10% extra discount when ordering three products
  4. No shipment costs from € 20.00
  5. Safe and fast payment by PayPal or credit card
  6. Ordered for 15:00 pm. = next day delivery (when ordering from The Netherlands)
  7. Each weekday available for questions from 09:00am -17:00pm 

Vitals: pure and effective
Vitals provides specialized and high quality nutritional supplements. To be and stay naturally healthy, Vitals shares knowledge on the efficacy of nutritioinal supplements. Detailed information, good service, fast delivery and the timely and complete answering (technical) of questions are among the top priority.

Dosage, absorption and effectivity of the ingrediënts are essential for the webshop www.allesvanvitals.nl. In the search for new products, the emphasis is always on the basis of the intended effect. From the independent position, Vitals is able to select ingrediënts and suppliers based on stringent standards.

The main criterion for supplements is effect on a natural way. Therefore the purity and effectivity of its products is of the greatest importance to Vitals. 

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