Higher food standards

The relation between nutrition and health becomes more clear. To clarify, healthy nutrition can prevent 30% of the cancers.  Perhaps this is only one of the reasons that consumers are more aware of their nutritional behavior. Demand for a higher food standard is the result of this awareness. Foods should not only be healthy but also sustainable, safe and of good quality without unnecessary ingredients. Laws, regulations and food safety standards keep developing, as a result quality requirements in food industries are sharpened.

Nutri-Help serves you with advice about these laws and regulations and with editing the right food label information (nutritional values, allergens, ingredients) and food claims. We can also take care of dietary- or health logos to make your product or meal more attractive for certain groups.

Knowledge nutrition and health

When consumers have more knowledge about nutrition and health, they make more balanced choices. They will choose more often healthy foods. A good health enlarges the quality of life. Healthy people are also from social perspective important: they are scientifically proven happier, more productive and have lower health care costs. Because of this, disease prevention and health promotion are important to the government. After all, prevention is better than curing.

Organisations can help promoting healthy foods and products by media or campaigns. This became more difficult for nutritional supplements because of new European regulations that restrict the use of health claims. Even now there are still possibilities. Nutri-help can help you with that. Also take a look at Business.