Nutrition and Health

Since I was a child, I had interest in nutrition. I watched my mom creating great meals from simple ingredients and wondered how. As a result I helped a lot in the kitchen and learned early how to cook. During our meal I was busy studying food labels to find out where the food was made from. My degree in Nutrition and Dietetics seemed a logical result. After working experience in the food service and marketing I got my masters degree Health Sciences in two specialisations: Policy & Organisation and Prevention & Public Health. Also I completed trainings in NIMA-B and Food Safety Management.

Freelance nutritionist/ dietician

Since 2008 I turned my passion into work with Nutri-help, by executing freelance projects as a nutritionist/ dietician. The name ‘nutri’ comes from ‘nutrition’: Nutri-Help serves your organisation with projects in the field of nutrition and health. In the meantime I build up a lot of interesting references which include food service and catering companies, retailers, food producers, fitness centers, health foundations and suppliers of food and vitamin supplements.

Nutritionist/ dietician

On this website you find the name nutritionist and dietician, I will explain you why. Commercially, the term nutritionist is the most accepted, for this reason it has my preference. Also, the term dietician is legally protected and can only be used when completed the bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics.