Nutritionist - Dietician

Welcome! Nutri-Help nutritional support, located in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, serves your organisation with projects in the field of nutrition and health. You will find here what a freelance nutritionist/ dietician can mean for your organisation.

Why a nutritionist/ dietician?

Knowledge of a nutritionist/ dietician can be valuable for organisations linked to nutrition and health. Hiring a freelance nutritionist/ dietician can be even more interesting for temporary or project-based projects. The employer is only required to pay for the actual time worked, without employment taxes.

Examples of possibilities are: editing food labels and product specifications, advice about recent laws and regulations regarding Nutrition and Health, writing nutritional texts, answering consumer questions and (literature) research. You will find more information here.

Take an easy look around and when you have a question or want to receive an offer, feel free to contact us.

Tally Zangy, MSc.
Nutritionist/ Dietician